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"As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind - every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder."


Space is limitless is a text-based game created for the MUD game jam 2018 but is still in development; in this game, every player are an explorer in a big space full of the planet an solar system, you with your spaceship must move and collect resources from the planet to survive and visit the space.

The game environment is dynamically generated every time explore the new solar system and every planet is different from the last with a procedural generation system, space is all saved in a single string with a system of seed.

now, at the beginning of its development I create the base command for the player but in the next month, I want to add a lot of commands and new features.

              How to install:

If someone wants to play this game you need the client, only for windows,  and set in the config file the IP of the server, then play.

If you want to do a LAN game you need the server file; you must install node, then you need to install the required package with this command in the command shell:

                   npm install

And for starting the server use this command:

                   node server.js

              How to play:

this game is played as you interact with a terminal (ship terminal, structures terminal or something else). If you want to know the actually implemented command you can use:




source on gitlab

              Important to do:

  • commerce
  • players interact
  • a lot of structure


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